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Student Life at EU Geneva

In the heart of a city that effortlessly blends sophistication, cultural richness and breathtaking natural beauty, EU Geneva offers you a wealth of opportunities for an unforgettable student experience. From campus activities to student clubs, you will forge lifelong friendships as you embrace the captivating blend of academia and city life that awaits.

Welcome Parties

Welcome Parties

At the beginning of each semester, you will have the chance to meet and mingle with your classmates, lecturers and staff, developing meaningful connections in an informal, relaxed and multicultural environment. You’ll be able to exchange stories, ideas and aspirations and grow your network while fostering the spirit of campus community.  

Sport Activities

Sport Activities

Whether you're a competitive athlete or simply looking to stay active and have fun, EU Geneva offers a diverse range of sports activities to keep you energized.  Whether you want to join the football team, hike in the Alps or head to one of the world-class ski resorts within easy reach, there are lots of opportunities for you to get out and get active. 


Trips and Excursions

As an EU Geneva student, you will have lots of opportunities to embark on exciting trips and excursions, which provide a perfect balance to your academic pursuits. From the picturesque vineyards of Lavaux, a UNESCO World Heritage site, to hiking experiences and ski trips in the Swiss Alps, you’ll strengthen friendships and create lasting memories. 

Student board

Student Board Activities

EU Geneva’s Student Board is dedicated to keeping students engaged and creating a vibrant campus experience throughout the year. From charity events and Valentine's Day celebrations to networking gatherings and student get-togethers, you will have lots of opportunities to have fun while enhancing your social and professional connections. 

Student Clubs

EU Geneva boasts a vibrant array of student clubs, which play a crucial role in enhancing the student experience and providing a platform for like-minded individuals to connect and pursue shared interests. Joining a student club at EU Geneva is an excellent way to make lifelong friends, unleash creativity and make the most of your EU journey. 


Well-being Program

Our priority is to boost your well-being and sense of belonging within the school. This program includes emotional and psychological support meetings, workshops, and talks, covering topics such as anxiety, stress, resilience, motivation, and intercultural competences. You will enhance your academic performance by empowering yourself to effectively utilize your skills and enjoy a fulfilling learning journey.

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