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Sports & Student Life

Student life is all about coming together. At EU Business School (EU), students make friends and connect with new classmates in a multitude of ways – through sports, festivals, parties, excursions and special events and much more! Join in and become part of EU’s international community.

Sport Activities

EU Volleyball

EU Football

EU Tennis

Championing Through Sports

Sports are a fun and healthy way to make friends and they also foster teamwork. At EU, we offer an open and inclusive sports program. Students regularly participate in drop-in practice sessions and national and international inter-university sports competitions.

EU Students Sport Winners

We organize official EU soccer, basketball, tennis and volleyball teams for both men and women that are coordinated by senior students or graduates. Our teams regularly participate in tournaments and charity cups where they are cheered on by fellow students. Pop-up training sessions like boxing or running complement these healthy activities for an all-encompassing sports program.

Student Life

Walking Tours

Walking Tours

Our campuses are located in some of the most dynamic European cities, famous for being business, innovation and networking hubs, as well as for their beautiful architecture and rich cultural heritage.

There’s lots to explore with fellow students. We organize trips to our campus city centers, as well as visits to cultural sites of interest within and beyond our city walls.

Student Trips


We organize excursions to nearby attractions and destinations, including ski and snowshoeing trips as well as hiking excursions and visits to local festivals with our student board.

These outings provide the perfect opportunity to forge friendships and have fun.

Student Clubs

Our student community also love to get together outside the classroom. They are always keen to learn – and to share their knowledge with others. There are all kinds of student clubs available across all our campuses, from sports to chess and from finance to business. Whatever your interest, whether it’s learning to program or volunteering, there’s sure to be a club for you!

EU Welcome Drinks

Welcome Drinks

For seamless integration into our student community, we organize fun welcome drinks during the orientation week at the beginning of the semester and term.

Together with special themed events which take place throughout the year, students enjoy their valuable downtime after a day of hard study.

Catamaran experience

Other Activities

In addition to the above mentioned activities, EU hosts a variety of events and teambuilding activities where students have the opportunity to make friends, network and enjoy themselves in their campus cities.

Past activties include catamaran sailing on the Mediterranean Sea, themed parties, masquerade balls, cross-cultural cookouts, escape rooms and playing laser tag.

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