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Student Life on the Digital Campus

EU Business School’s Digital Campus forges connections and community between peers at the global level. We host a range of events from talks to competitions and offer student clubs and activities to a stimulating study experience.   

Panel Discussions

Panel Discussions

EU’s Digital Campus hosts exclusive talks and panel discussions designed to provide real-world insights into modern business. We have hosted expert speakers from a range of large international companies and events, including the Eurovision Song Contest. 


Multicultural Experiences

As a multicultural community, EU celebrates holidays and festivals around the world. Our global mindset ensures that all students have the opportunity to share in celebrations that deepen cross-cultural connections, appreciation and understanding.

student club

Student Clubs

The array of student clubs on our Digital Campus plays a crucial role in enhancing the student experience, providing a platform for like-minded individuals to connect and pursue shared interests. Joining a student club is an excellent way to enrich friendships, enjoy creative outlets and make the most of your EU journey.

student Board Activities

Student Board Activities

The Digital Campus Board is dedicated to promoting student engagement and creating a dynamic, inclusive campus environment. A variety of events and networking opportunities allow students to enhance their professional and social connections throughout their studies.


Well-being Program

Our priority is to boost your well-being and sense of belonging within the school. This program includes emotional and psychological support meetings, workshops, and talks, covering topics such as anxiety, stress, resilience, motivation, and intercultural competences. You will enhance your academic performance by empowering yourself to effectively utilize your skills and enjoy a fulfilling learning journey.

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